Aline Lecomte


Aline Lecomte is a midwife and has a master in public health. She is the project leader for the perinatal health monitoring system in Luxembourg (Project SUSANA; Système de Surveillance de la Santé à la Naissance). The project is developed with the aim to have a common surveillance system allowing to obtain an overview of the state of health of mothers and babies. It aims to identify and pays specific attention to health risks, provide mothers and infants with quality medical health care in Luxembourg and improves it if necessary. For this, it monitors the evolution of the mother’s and babies’ health over time and compares Luxembourg’s results at international level.  Preventive and health-promoting programs and initiatives will be implemented based on the results obtained.

Aline Lecomte is member of the EuroPeristat project.

Research projects

Main activities for the SUSANA project are:

  • Collecting annual quality data on all pregnancies and births in Luxembourg and on all new-born children hospitalised in a neonatology service, quality control and monitoring, data validation, analysis and reporting;
  • Setting up perinatal health monitoring indicators meeting national and international needs (WHO, EUROPERISTAT, ECHI, OCDE, EURONEONET);
  • Maintain and develop the network with professionals: gynaecologist, paediatrician, midwifes, nurses, LNS;
  • Maintain and develop international network: EuroPeristat, EuroNeoNet, Navigator;
  • Developing study protocols and obtaining ethical approval;
Aline Lecomte


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