Dr Gloria Aguayo


Dr Gloria Aguayo is interested in psychosocial problems in severely obese patients, including social stigma, depression, anxiety, body image, quality of life, eating disorders and personality. She worked in the psychological assessment with severely obese patients candidates to bariatric surgery, trying to find determinants of unsuccessful weight loss or weight regain after surgery.

Other areas that interest her are: healthy ageing and frailty. Currently she is working on frailty and finding a way to assess and define it, the objective measurement of frailty with physical functioning, the assessment of frailty scores, the examination of determinants of frailty in cohort studies in general population such as diabetes, obesity and physical activity and is planning to develop etiological and predictive models for frailty.

Research projects

  • Psychosocial determinants of success in bariatric surgery for obesity. Psychological assessment of patients, candidates to bariatric surgery (past).
  • Frailty and physical functioning assessment.
  • Diabetes, obesity, sleep patterns, physical activity and other cardiovascular risk factors as determinants of frailty in aged general population.
  • Development of frailty models.
  • Physical activity and cardiovascular fitness in general population.
  • Multi-centric randomized control trial in the treatment of panic disorder with agoraphobia with reality exposure therapy versus cognitive behaviour therapy (past)
  • Determinants of physical function in middle and old age adults from the general population (PHYACTOR). Current.
  • Oriscav-Lux-II Physical functioning, physical activity and sleep patterns in Luxembourgish General Population.
Gloria Aguayo


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