Crédit d’impôt recherche

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The Luxembourg Institute of Health is a recognised partner for any R&D activities in France. According to the French research tax credit, all innovative businesses collaborating with LIH may be eligible for a tax relief on their R&D expenses, regardless of their size.

The Crédit d’impôt recherche (CIR – research tax credit) is a fiscal policy that drives research and innovation on the French territory. It aims to foster a dynamic and favorable environment for all R&D companies operating in the country by means of an attractive tax incentive. Concretely, businesses and associations of all sectors of activity, including the pharmaceutical industries, can claim a tax relief of up to 50% on their R&D expenditures. The tool is key in making France an attractive location for innovation.

Luxembourg Institute of Health is a public biomedical research organisation. Striving for excellence, its researchers, by their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment, generate knowledge on disease mechanisms and contribute to the development of new diagnostics, preventive strategies, innovative therapies and clinical applications that impact the healthcare of Luxembourgish and European citizens. Located just a few kilometers from the French border, LIH is an ideal partner for any research projects eligible for the French tax credit.

For further information about the CIR, please visit this website.