World Heard Day 2017

Cardiovascular research in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, one in every three deaths is caused by heart disease. The healthcare costs are enormous and the social burden due to premature deaths and reduced quality of life is tremendous. It is a major public health challenge.

To fight this growing epidemic, the Luxembourg Institute of Health’s Cardiovascular Research Unit aims to identify new strategies to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. The group probes into cardiovascular disease by studying the role of a class of non-coding RNA molecules.

Non-coding RNAs are produced from our genetic material in the cells, the DNA. These molecules regulate when genes are turned on and off. The Cardiovascular Research Unit team studies ways to transform these molecules into markers for disease, predictors of outcome or even treatment.

To advance the translation of research knowledge into practical tools to be used in the clinic, the group founded and manages Cardiolinc, an international research network focusing on new generation technologies to personalize diagnostics and treatment for cardiovascular patients. The network has over 60 members worldwide and counts with various expertise that join forces to translate faster the scientific knowledge into products that the patients can directly benefit from.