WEBINAR: Lecture series in Infection & Immunity - "Astrocyte subsets and connectivity in CNS inflammation" - Prof Francisco Quintana

20/05/2021 15:00 to 20/05/2021 16:15 (Europe/Luxembourg)


Prof Francisco Quintana is Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School,
Associate Member, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Incoming President, International Society of Neuroimmunology.


Astrocytes play important roles in the central nervous system (CNS) during health and disease. Thus, the identification of factors that regulate astrocyte
activity may shed light on CNS physiology and guide new therapies for human neurologic disorders. In this presentation we will discuss mechanisms used by astrocytes to control CNS inflammation. In addition, we will discuss molecular pathways involved in the control of astrocyte function. For example, we recently found that microbial metabolites limit astrocyte pathogenic activities in the context of CNS inflammation, while environmental factors can boost these disease promoting activities. Finally, we will review ongoing efforts on the characterization of astrocyte heterogeneity in MS, and how specific astrocyte subsets interact with CNS-resident and peripheral cells on health and disease.



15:00 - 16:15 : webinar

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From 20/05/2021 15:00
To 20/05/2021 16:15