WEBINAR: Lecture series Cancer Research: "Translating the Science of Gliomas: Current Concepts & Future Challenges" - Prof Colin Watts

25/02/2021 11:00 to 25/02/2021 12:15 (Europe/Luxembourg)


Professor of Neurosurgery University of Birmingham, Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon University Hospitals Birmingham Chair Birmingham Brain Cancer Program.


Our understanding of the molecular & genomic landscape has never been greater. However, this has yet to impact on clinical research and more importantly, clinical outcomes. In this talk I will explore the current concepts of glioma evolution and address some of the barriers and challenges to translating our current knowledge into new ways of approaching clinical research and patient care.



11:00 - 12:15 : webinar

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Event number: 183 154 3163

Event password: 5KvvgmRCa43

About the Lecture & Workshop series - CANCER RESEARCH

The LIH lecture and workshops series in Cancer Research, supported by the FNR and jointly organized with the University of Luxembourg, are gathering internationally recognised speakers to address topics around Cancer Research during 2020. Please find here the current programme for 2021.

These lectures will be followed by a workshop especially dedicated to early-stage researchers.

Attendance to the lecture and workshop are free of charge.


From 25/02/2021 11:00
To 25/02/2021 12:15