WEBINAR: Lecture series Cancer Research: "The immune contexture and Immunoscore in the era of cancer immunotherapy" - Dr Jérôme Galon

27/05/2021 11:00 to 27/05/2021 12:15 (Europe/Luxembourg)


Doctor Jérôme Galon is Director of Research, Chief Inserm laboratory Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology INSERM


Remarkable technological advances of recent years have changed our global understanding of Cancer through scientific and therapeutic point of view. Cancer is a complex disease whose its outcome depends largely on the cross-talk between the tumor and its microenvironment. The tumor microenvironment is host to a complex network of immune cells and cytokines that contribute to shaping the intratumoral immune reaction. The spatial and temporal distribution of these cells in tumors are very heterogeneous among patients and among metastases of a patient. The development of new technologies to harness genetic, epigenetic, transcriptomic and proteomic information at the cellular level, makes it possible to better understand the heterogeneity of tumors. This helps in the understanding of factors that regulate tumor progression, their response to treatment, the occurrence of metastases and recurrences. We defined the concept of cancer immune contexture, and developed a consensus digital-pathology-based immune stratification-system, termed “Immunoscore”. We demonstrated the continuum of cancer immunosurveillance from pre-cancer lesion to metastasis, and we proposed a “parallel immune selection model” of tumor evolution incorporating the effects of the immune system in shaping and driving metastatic spread. In our research team by linking data between research laboratories and clinics, bioinformatics we developed an in depth understanding of mechanism of immune response within the tumor microenvironment.



11:00 - 12:15 : webinar

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From 27/05/2021 11:00
To 27/05/2021 12:15