Lecture Prof Oluf Pedersen - "Is dysbiosis of the intestinal microbiota a pathogenic mediator in common chronic disorders?"

15/03/2018 13:00 to 15/03/2018 14:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)

Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg


Prof. Oluf PEDERSEN is Principal Investigator and Group Leader at Section of Metabolic Genetics, Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen, Professor of Metabolic Genetics and Metabolism, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Human-associated microbes have until recently primarily been viewed through the lens of a single species and its environment. However, advances in next-generation culture-independent technologies and bioinformatics have shown an enormous diversity and functional capacity of the human microbiota. A large number of microbes reside in the distal gut, and aberrant intestinal microbiota associate with a multiplicity of common chronic diseases.

Major efforts are currently concentrated on exploring potential causality and related microbialmediated disease mechanisms with the hope that an improved understanding will fuel the conception and realization of novel and maybe stratified therapeutic and preventative means. In my lecture, I will discuss recent progress in studying the possible role of imbalances in the intestinal microbiota in the pathogenesis of common disorders, primarily type 2 diabetes.



13:00 - 14:00 : Lecture

Lycée Technique d'Esch/Alzette - Salle de projection audiovisuelle

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