Work meeting report from Arad, in the project “SPSM – employability”.

April 01, 2016 By:
  • Fond-Harmant L
  • Gavrila-Ardelean M
  • Kelemen G
  • Nache C
  • Pluss M
  • Stassen JM.

In the first week of March, 2016, at a round table in the location Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania, there was a conference of specialists involved in the project Insertion Employment of Persons with Mental Disorders (SPSM - Employabilité).Under this innovative research project, to improve the employability of people with mental disabilities, came together: researchers, professors, doctors, psychologists, responsible for public health and social workers from the five participating countries: Romania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and Belgium.During the three days of work, the next program was done:
- The debriefing of the previous transnational meetings and the deepening of the competence referential, producted after previous meetings;
- Work of the Steering Committee and focus group with professionals and guests (collective and transversal needs).We have analyzed and have concluded the steps of the training program for employment specialists as they were set by the project team meeting in Arad. The training of specialists in employment of people with mental disorders will be run in the next stage of the project.

2016 Apr. J Plus Educ.14(1):170-174.
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