Synthetic retinoids as potential therapeutics in prostate cancer-an update of the last decade of research: A review.

September 29, 2021 By:
  • Halubiec P
  • Lazarczyk A
  • Szafranski O
  • Bohn T
  • Dulinska-Litewka J.

Prostate cancer (PC) is the second most common tumor in males. The search for appropriate therapeutic options against advanced PC has been in process for several decades. Especially after cessation of the effectiveness of hormonal therapy (i.e., emergence of castration-resistant PC), PC management options have become scarce and the prognosis is poor. To overcome this stage of disease, an array of natural and synthetic substances underwent investigation. An interesting and promising class of compounds constitutes the derivatives of natural retinoids. Synthesized on the basis of the structure of retinoic acid, they present unique and remarkable properties that warrant their investigation as antitumor drugs. However, there is no up-to-date compilation that consecutively summarizes the current state of knowledge about synthetic retinoids with regard to PC. Therefore, in this review, we present the results of the experimental studies on synthetic retinoids conducted within the last decade. Our primary aim is to highlight the molecular targets of these compounds and to identify their potential promise in the treatment of PC.

2021 Sep. Int J Mol Sci.22(19).
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