SPSM project- Employability and mental health in Europe: urgent needs for training, social integration and employability.

April 30, 2015 By:
  • Kelemen G
  • Fond-Harmant L
  • Pluss M
  • Stassen JM
  • Nache C.

This article is a presentation of ERASMUS+ Project, SPSM-Employability and Mental Health in Europe:urgent needs for training, social integration and employability whose main objective is the improvement of techniques used by professionals in the social and occupational insertion of people with mental disabilities on the labour market. The project aims the improvement of abilities and practices of all involved parties: beneficiaries, professionals and employers engaged in the labour market insertion and social reintegration of beneficiaries.The project is a plea for reflection, search and implementation of viable solutions for supporting people in vulnerable situations at a certain point of their lives.

2015 Apr. J Plus Educ.12(1):7-22.
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