Sample PREanalytical Code for labeling of biospecimens: an analysis of specimen labeling protocols.

July 17, 2015 By:
  • Riondino S
  • Nanni U
  • Betsou F
  • Rossetti L
  • Campisi C
  • Fiorentino R
  • Palmirotta R
  • Ferroni P
  • Roselli M
  • Guadagni F.

The suitability of samples for a given research depends on many variables, among which, the best preanalytical conditions for the type of test that should be carried out. Thus, standardization and harmonization of processing conditions for samples entering a particular study should be highly pursued to facilitate research collaborations among different institutions and biological banks, allowing specimen comparison both for sample sharing and for the development of large-scale clinical trials. In this study, we review some issues and scenarios related to the adoption of the Sample PREanalytical Code, which deserve attention for a proper management of the samples and, ultimately, for maximizing the efficiency of the consistent investments required to set up biobanking resources

2015 Jul. J Biorepos Sci Appl Med.3:15-21.
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