Reliable genotypic tropism tests for the major HIV-1 subtypes.

February 25, 2015 By:
  • Cashin K
  • Gray LR
  • Harvey KL
  • Perez-Bercoff D
  • Lee GQ
  • Sterjovski J
  • Roche M
  • Demarest JF
  • Drummond F
  • Harrigan PR
  • Churchill MJ
  • Gorry PR.

Over the past decade antiretroviral drugs have dramatically improved the prognosis for HIV-1 infected individuals, yet achieving better access to vulnerable populations remains a challenge. The principal obstacle to the CCR5-antagonist, maraviroc, from being more widely used in anti-HIV-1 therapy regimens is that the pre-treatment genotypic "tropism tests" to determine virus susceptibility to maraviroc have been developed primarily for HIV-1 subtype B strains, which account for only 10% of infections worldwide. We therefore developed PhenoSeq, a suite of HIV-1 genotypic tropism assays that are highly sensitive and specific for establishing the tropism of HIV-1 subtypes A, B, C, D and circulating recombinant forms of subtypes AE and AG, which together account for 95% of HIV-1 infections worldwide. The PhenoSeq platform will inform the appropriate use of maraviroc and future CCR5 blocking drugs in regions of the world where non-B HIV-1 predominates, which are burdened the most by the HIV-1 pandemic.

2015 Feb. Sci Rep.5:8543.
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