[Insomnia, anxiety: should the prescription of benzodiazepines be controlled?].

  • Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics
July 01, 2016 By:
  • Cloos JM
  • Bocquet V
  • Bruch Y
  • Rolland-Portal I
  • Kremer M
  • Pieger M
  • Bruch M
  • Chouinard G.

Benzodiazepine hypnotics bear a higher risk of high dose dependence than benzodiazepine anxiolytics, according to a recent study in Luxemburg. This article summarizes the main indications of these molecules and the current treatment recommendations. It provides an overview of public health actions of the past and the future to reduce their excessive consumption.

2016 Jul. Bull Soc Sci Med Grand Duche Luxemb.(2):77-89.
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