Injuries in the European Union 2009-2018. (Book)

September 30, 2021 By:
  • Kisser R
  • Giustini M
  • Rogmans W
  • Turner S
  • Bejko D. (as reviewer for Luxembourg Institute of Health).

This report is the eighth edition of a series of bi-annual reports, which are published by EuroSafe since 2006 [9]. It analyses IDB-MDS data 2009-2018, more precisely crude injury rates based on IDB-MDS data. Its purpose is to assess the sustainability of the European injury data exchange, the validity of core indicators derived from the system and the cross-country comparability. Target groups of the reports are decision makers in the areas of public health and health information, injury prevention and safety promotion at EU as well as national level, and particularly the national IDB data providing agencies.

2021 Sep. Amsterdam: EuroSafe, 2021. 37 p. ISBN NA.
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