Horse-meat allergy mediated by dog-allergy: a case report and review of the literature.

May 02, 2016 By:
  • Morisset M
  • Arumugam K
  • Ollert M
  • Hilger C.

The pork-cat syndrome is an IgE-mediated allergy to pork triggered by a primary sensitization to cat dander. IgE-antibodies are directed to cat serum albumin, Fel d 2, and cross-react with porcine serum albumin. In contrast to meat anaphylaxis caused by IgE to α-Gal, in patients with pork-cat syndrome, symptoms occur in less than two hours after consumption. As albumin is a thermolabile allergen, patients often tolerate well done meat. In this review, different allergens of red meat are described and an original case of allergy to horse meat mediated by allergy to dog dander is presented.

2016 May. Allergo J Int.25(3):76-81.
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