Genome-wide association analysis of type 2 diabetes in the EPIC-InterAct study.

November 13, 2020 By:
  • Cai L
  • Wheeler E
  • Kerrison ND
  • Luan J
  • Deloukas P
  • Franks PW
  • Amiano P
  • Ardanaz E
  • Bonet C
  • Fagherazzi G
  • Groop LC
  • Kaaks R
  • Huerta JM
  • Masala G
  • Nilsson PM
  • Overvad K
  • Pala V
  • Panico S
  • Rodriguez-Barranco M
  • Rolandsson O
  • Sacerdote C
  • Schulze MB
  • Spijkerman AMW
  • Tjonneland A
  • Tumino R
  • van der Schouw YT
  • Sharp SJ
  • Forouhi NG
  • Riboli E
  • McCarthy MI
  • Barroso I
  • Langenberg C
  • Wareham NJ.

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a global public health challenge. Whilst the advent of genome-wide association studies has identified >400 genetic variants associated with T2D, our understanding of its biological mechanisms and translational insights is still limited. The EPIC-InterAct project, centred in 8 countries in the European Prospective Investigations into Cancer and Nutrition study, is one of the largest prospective studies of T2D. Established as a nested case-cohort study to investigate the interplay between genetic and lifestyle behavioural factors on the risk of T2D, a total of 12,403 individuals were identified as incident T2D cases, and a representative sub-cohort of 16,154 individuals was selected from a larger cohort of 340,234 participants with a follow-up time of 3.99 million person-years. We describe the results from a genome-wide association analysis between more than 8.9 million SNPs and T2D risk among 22,326 individuals (9,978 cases and 12,348 non-cases) from the EPIC-InterAct study. The summary statistics to be shared provide a valuable resource to facilitate further investigations into the genetics of T2D.

2020 Nov. Sci Data.7(1):393.
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