Fish Allergy: A Comprehensive Review of Recent Developments in Fish Allergy Diagnosis and Fish Allergen Detection. In Food allergies: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. (Book Chapter)

June 20, 2011 By:
  • Kuehn A.
  • Hilger C.
  • Hentges F. .

Food allergy is an adverse reactions resulting from an inappropriate immunological response to a food antigen. It usually presents as multi-system involvement with gastrointestinal symptoms, cutaneous symptoms, and respiratory symptoms occurring in 50 to 80 percent, 20 to 40 percent, and 4 to 25 percent of cases, respectively. This book reviews research from around the globe in the study of food allergies including fish allergy diagnosis and detection; allergy mitigation by dietary components; the pathophysiology and mechanisms of food allergy; and, emergency department anaphylaxis management and management of children with food allergies.

2011 Jun. Rodgers PM, ed. New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc, 2011. p.51-78. ISBN 978-1-61728-748-0.
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