Education for mental health.

April 01, 2016 By:
  • Fond-Harmant L
  • Kelemen G
  • Gavrila-Ardelean M
  • Nache C
  • Pluss M
  • Stassen JM.

In this article we want to depict aspects of mental health as integrating part of human and social health. We would also like to have an insight into the freshman students` knowledge so as to find out their level of knowledge, attitude and mentality towards mental disorders and people suffering from a mental condition. Stigmatization towards people with mental disorders is still common in the social mentality. These attitudes contradict social orientations towards human beings and their interests. Social distance brings about serious consequences upon the professional rehabilitation and reinsertion of this social category. They are regarded as a category facing serious restrictions in terms of human rights. In our study we are trying to identify the freshman students` opinion, attitude, mentality and orientation towards the understanding of such a complex issue like mental disorders. We wish that the future professionals in the field of psychology, psychopedagogy, social work and pedagogy became supporters of open and compassionate attitudes towards people with mental disorders. They should turn into advocates that would change the social perception and reduce stigmata.

2016 Apr. J Plus Educ.9(1):48-58.
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