Case-based interpretation of best medical coding practices—Application to data collection for cancer registries. In Case-based reasoning research and development. (Book Chapter)

June 26, 2017 By:
  • Schnell M
  • Couffignal S
  • Lieber J
  • Saleh S
  • Jay N.

Cancer registries are important tools in the fight against cancer. At the heart of these registries is the data collection and coding process. Ruled by complex international standards and numerous best practices, operators are easily overwhelmed. In this paper, a system is presented to assist operators in the interpretation of best medical coding practices. By leveraging the arguments used by the coding experts to determine the best coding option, the proposed system is designed to answer the coding questions from operators and provide an answer associated with a partial explanation for the proposed solution. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.

2017 Jun. Aha DW and Lieber J, eds. Springer Verlag, 2017. p.345-359. (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence LNAI, Vol. 10339). ISBN 978-3-319-61030-6; 978-3-319-61029-0.
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