Building a new training referential for the employment accompaniment jobs for people with psychic handicap.

September 01, 2017 By:
  • Fond-Harmant L
  • Nache C
  • Pluss M
  • Stassen JM
  • Kelemen G
  • Gavrila-Ardelean M.

The employment crisis is an opportunity to improve the qualifications of the employment insertion specialists for the people with mental disorders. The project ′SPSM- Employability′ is based on the improvement of the professional practices of social who accompanies the employment of the public, who is particularly fragile in his professional integration. At European level, so far, modelled courses and good practice guides, to face a job market increasingly demanding don’t exist. The curriculum for training specialists in professional integration risks becoming dated if an upgrading form with economic situation of the labour market is not integrated with their initial and on-going training.
We propose the study of the stages of the elaboration of a «Training manual» which takes part of an «Employment reference» for the insertion specialists, (function, activities and generic competences) which takes into account the new economic situation, the diagnostic and the Community Strategy.

2017 Sep. Inesjournal.4(12):1-12.
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