[A disease with many facets: Obesity. Interview with researcher Dr. Hanen Samouda].

March 04, 2021 By:
  • Greis Y
  • Samouda H.

Obesity Day 4 march. To mark the occasion, Tageblatt spoke to Dr Hanen Samouda of the LIH Research Institute. The scientist reminds us that obesity is a chronic disease with many facets and must be treated.
Since 2013 , so not long ago, obesity is considered a disease. A disease that is too little known among the general public, but also among Dr. Hanen Samouda, a scientist at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH). She works at the LIH and on projects including the behind obesity. Obesity is just as much a disease as diabetes or obesity is a disease with many facets.
"This means that obesity is more than just being overweight," explains the researcher.

2021 Mar. Tageblatt.(53):3-4.
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