Teenagers discovering medical sciences

5th Medical Research Day

4th November 2019

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Teenagers discovering medical sciences

5th Medical Research Day

The successful 5th edition of the Medical Research Day (Journée de la Recherche Médicale) was held on 23rd October 2019 at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL). Jointly organised by CHL, LIH and the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg, the event attracted about 180 high school pupils.

Diversified and interactive programme

This day combined interactive workshops and mini-conferences that allowed young people to better understand the mechanisms of medical research and meet physicians from CHL as well as researchers from LIH and LCSB. They were informed about medical current projects in the fields of oncology, allergology, neurological disorders, infectious diseases and many more.

What is the purpose of medical research? What are the most important advances in orthopaedic surgical research? How do we treat cancer or infectious diseases today? How can we improve the diagnosis of allergic diseases? What are the negative impacts of pollutants on our health? Experts in the field answered these and many other questions.

'There was again a remarkable engagement of the scientists from LIH’s three research departments who participated in the event as speakers and workshop facilitators. Among these were our Clinical Research Associates and research nurses presenting their professions', 

states Dr Manon Gantenbein, Head of LIH’s Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Centre.

The highlight of the day was Mister Science from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) who presented a stunning science show with surprising effects and moderated a fun quiz.


The Medical Research Day is held every year since 2015. It is a joint undertaking between CHL, LIH and LCSB of the University of Luxembourg to promote medical research to the young generation.


Dr Manon Gantenbein




Mister Science 


 Guilherme Marques, research nurse


 Charlotte Lieunard, Clinical Research Associate


 Dr Annette Kuehn, group leader 


Dr Brice Appenzeller, group leader