Project “YOUNG50 #Stay Healthy - Cardiovascular Risk Prevention” launched in Luxembourg

      24 November 2021

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      Project “YOUNG50 #Stay Healthy - Cardiovascular Risk Prevention” launched in Luxembourg     

      YOUNG 50 is a European Commission funded project to screen and prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in people aged 50. The project aims to use an integrated model of assistance to help modify or reduce risk factors among healthy people, promote interventions to improve lifestyle habits, and increase knowledge and perceptions of CVD risks among the general population.

      The project follows up on a risk screening program developed and coordinated by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the Veneto Region of Italy, involving 22 Local Health Authorities from 11 Italian regions, and is now set to be exported to three European countries: Lithuania, Romania, and Luxembourg.

      A pilot phase of the project, which will take place in Luxembourg in 2022, aims to gather all the information necessary for a future national cardiovascular risk screening program. According to the latest available national reports, CVD represent one of the leading causes of death in Luxembourg (27.6% in 2019). Many modifiable cardiovascular risk factors are found among Luxembourg residents: 48% are overweight or obese, 18.4% are smokers and 47.9% of people over 18 years old do not eat fruits and/or vegetables every day. 

      Partnership between LIH and the Luxembourg Health Directorate for the YOUNG 50 European project

      The Department of Population Health / Population Health Expertise Unit (DoPH/PHE) of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) will work along with the Luxembourg Health Directorate to ensure the implementation and monitoring of the project in Luxembourg. LIH will be responsible for setting up and evaluating the pilot phase of the screening program on a national level.

      During the study, General Practitioners will evaluate participants’ CVD risk factors through a standardized lifestyle questionnaire, a blood test and a medical examination. Participants with risk factors will be assisted to modify their habits and invited for a follow up visit after 6 months.

      YOUNG50 is part of the upcoming national plan on cardio-neuro-vascular diseases in Luxembourg. 
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